Each Offshore journey navigates to a specific, historic region, where participants engage with local communities through special exhibitions, projects, talks, screenings and events coordinated by the program. Through these relationships, artists will have the opportunity to reflect upon their work and its objectives outside of marketplace demands and experience the rigors and rewards of sailing under the guidance of experienced captains. 

Like any dedicated creative practice, sailing a boat requires constant awareness and adjustment. Offshore is designed to draw upon these symmetries, providing a profound change of perspective and renewed approach to ideas and methodology. Founded by artists and sailors, Offshore is committed to offering its residents an unparalleled and transformative experience at sea, which has inspired some of the greatest works of art and literature for centuries.


how it works

Offshore is nontraditional in that it does not offer studio space during the artists' time in residence. Instead, the week at sea is intended to challenge perceptions about where ideas come from and inspire artists to develop concepts for a new body of work. In the months following their sail, Offshore provides residents with access to a number of established artists, gallerists and academics to support them in executing this new body of work. The program culminates in an Offshore group exhibition to be held at one or more designated partner galleries.

Our inaugural journey took place off the coast of Maine in July of 2016. Details on our forthcoming exhibition of Offshore's resident artists will be announced soon.