Summer 2017: Borders

Borders begin as fictions. They are performed. They are lines drawn in the sand, spaces that bend and break and make exceptions for certain kinds of bodies.

But borders are made real by the policies built around them. The fact that borders are performed does not make them any less real. The border is quite literally what gives the nation its shape.
— Josh Begley, Artist and Developer


Borders have factored prominently into the current political conversation, but artists have long been inspired by their relevance and implications. For our Summer 2017 program, Offshore asks applicants to consider the concept of borders: What do they represent? How do we imply, inform, affect and understand them?

While sailing with Offshore, the space between you and the open water is tangible. Privacy is scarce, and personal boundaries can become blurred. We pass through bodies of water and jurisdictions without warning or indication. This experience is intended to challenge, inspire and profoundly impact you and your work. During your week in residency, how do you plan to take advantage of the unique nature of the program by exploring the theme of borders and boundaries?

Applicants must propose a specific project for consideration. Your proposal can build upon an existing body of work that is relevant to the program theme or it can initiate the creation of new work to be performed, documented or studied during the residency period. Site-specific events and/or performances are encouraged but not required as part of your proposal.

Offshore will work with accepted residents to tailor the itinerary and programming to best support you in the pursuit of your project. 

All applications are reviewed by a panel of artists, curators, and critics.

Offshore's Summer 2017 residency program will take place from August 19th - August 26th.

The due date for applications is Friday, June 16th. Artists will be notified about the status of their application in early July.

For more details about the Summer 2017 program in Maine, including a description of our boat and an overview of the sailing region, please go to the Summer 2017 Program page.



Applications must include the following:

CV - Your current CV (700 words max)

PROPOSAL  - A written description of your proposed project and how it addresses the theme of borders. Your description should include specifics for how you plan to use your time on the boat to implement this project, and how you feel our program will advance or influence your ideas and practice. (500 words max) 

STATEMENT - A general statement about your work and brief explanation of your submitted images or text. (250 words max)

WORK SAMPLES - A portfolio of your recent work submitted via web link (Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive or other similar web services are all acceptable. Personal website links will not be accepted):

  • Visual artists may submit up to 12 images, or 4 video clips

  • Images must be saved as JPEGS and sized at a maximum of  1500 px (height or width) at 72 dpi.  Images should be named as Last Name_First Name_01.jpg, Last Name_First Name_02.jpg

  • Video, film and performance artists may submit up to 4 video clips as Vimeo or YouTube links. Please indicate cue point if longer than 10 minutes.

  • WORK SAMPLE INVENTORY - A work sample inventory document containing details of corresponding submitted works. Include title, medium, size and date for each submitted work. Acceptable formats: .pdf only



  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program .
  • Applicants must have a working knowledge of English.
  • An academic background in art is not required.
  • Students are permitted to apply, but Offshore does not offer any school credit.
  • Applicants from all geographic locations, ages, ethnicities and identities are welcome and encouraged to apply.


  • A nonrefundable $30 application fee is required to process your application. A link to submit this fee appears in the section below.
  • Accepted residents will be required to pay a fee of $200 to participate in the program. This is to assist with a portion of the administrative and operational costs of the program. 
  • Travel expenses to and from the program are the responsibility of the resident.

Use the links below to access the application form and pay the $30 application fee. 


Application Fee